Bron O’Loan

Lawyer. Author. Teacher. Mother. Hugger.

About Bron

Bron O’Loan is a passionate Divorce lawyer practising in Sydney, Australia as the Director of the boutique family law firm, O’Loan Family Law.

With an enthusiasm for helping people, Bron’s core focus is to guide her clients to get through the splits with their family relationships intact enough to ensure the kids are okay.

As well as her fancy lawyer job, Bron is a mum to three hungry, and often moody, teenagers, an avid writer and an ardent advocate of supporting domestic and family violence victims.

Bron wasn’t always a family lawyer.  In fact, upon leaving school, Bron loved the experience so much she became a primary school teacher. Since then, she has gone on to sell newspaper advertising, travelled around Australia and the world as  product manager and trainer for a large IT firm, was the author of a Masters’ Degree program for teachers, was a lecturer at Charles Sturt University and ran a successful online retail store.

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In 2012 Bron commenced her journey into law as a mature age student and held fast to her view that empathy is the key and hugging clients is often necessary.  In 2016 Bron decided that a bit more study would do the trick and obtained a Masters in Family Law where she continued to hone her skills as a family lawyer.

After many years working under the tutelage of two very different but equally fierce and supportive family law mentors, and in the midst of a global pandemic, Bron founded O’Loan Family Law. She now manages a highly effective and intrepid team of likeminded legal eagles, who help to guide separating couples in reaching an amicable settlement.

Known for her ability to inspire, energise and collaborate, Bron is a well-respected member of the legal community. Upon meeting Bron or reading her book, The Splits – How to help your kids navigate separation and divorce, you will come away from the experience ready to take action and make positive changes to get yourself and your kids through the separation journey.

If you’d like to find out more about Bron’s legal work at O’Loan Family Law, follow this link.

The Splits - Bron O'Loan

The Splits

Are you separated or thinking about separating?

Does the thought of sharing that information with your kids leave you feeling a bit freaked out?

It’s very hard to tell your kids that you are getting a divorce. It’s even harder if you and your ex differ about what happened. And then there’s the question of when you should tell them and what exactly you should tell them.

Whether you have the opportunity to follow an amicable pathway or you find yourself in an adversarial situation, Bron O’Loan shows you how to support your kids through the process by talking to them and understanding their needs. The Splits is a guide to helping your children through a family separation, and your ticket to a better and more positive life.

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Kind Words

“For those experiencing one of the most difficult and traumatic times in their lives, the best guidance they can receive is not only clear and practical, but also pragmatic. This book ticks all of those boxes, and does so in spades.”

Jerome Doraisamy
Deputy editor, Lawyers Weekly

“Groundbreaking and long overdue. The Splits provides separating parents with accurate knowledge to maximise their children’s emo­tions and futures at this highly vulnerable time. Fear is replaced with understanding. Bron O’Loan’s professional and lived experience has created a very readable guide to understanding Family Law. This at a time in our lives when empathy, connection and effective commu­nication is paramount. A MUST HAVE for all parents, grandparents, families and professionals.”

Sue Hawkins
Therapist and Senior Clinician

“The first and most obvious element of Bron O’Loan’s wonderful new book is that she clearly cares. Her compassion, kindness and playful nature can seem a little at odds on a topic that is so often filled with difficulty and harshness, but it really works. I have great admiration for the book that Bron has written, one that will help parents be the best version of themselves when traversing separation.”

Andrew Griffiths
International Bestselling Author

“Managing the challenges that separation and divorce throw our way is hard enough, but then finding the courage to support your children too takes something else altogether. Bron’s wise, careful and kind advice is invaluable for all parents trying to navigate this difficult time and will empower you to support your children in the best way possible.”

Clarissa Rayward
Director, Accredited Family Law Specialist, Collaborative Lawyer and Mediator

“The Splits tackles some of the most uncomfortable conversations parents can have with their children and acknowledges that children have very different perspectives on things. Bron has done a terrific job with providing parents with useful tips and explains the range of experiences that kids are likely to be experiencing. Bron uses her experience from talking to kids about what they need and presents it in a compelling way that will allow parents to be able to support their kids. Well done Bron, definitely a must read for parents navigating a breakup.”

Gloria Larman
Chief Executive Officer, Women’s Justice Network

“The Splits offers parents helpful tips, strategies, and insight into how to best support their children during an often difficult time of sepa­ration. Bron engages her readers by using her natural style with light humour, while discussing the most important and serious issues for kids with parents who are separating. This book really is a must read for any parent wanting the best outcome for their children”

Louise Hethorn
Principal, Your Property Lawyers Pty Ltd

“Of all the books to have in your “divorcing with kids” survival kit, this one would have to be top of your list. A practical and easily digestible guide to what to do and what NOT to do, this book is a “must have” for any parent who wishes to provide their children with safe passage through separation”

Anna Marshall
Director, People Mastery Pty Ltd

“A frank, fearless and fabulous guide for parents who want the best for their children as they navigate the tricky waters through separation. A successful family lawyer who has supported hundreds of families in their separation journey, Bron’s compassion, wisdom and gentle humour shine through on every page. A must read if you want to help your children thrive as they transition to living in two homes.”

Julia Brierley
Principal, Sydney Dispute Resolution Pry Ltd